My Baking collection was created from a personal need, i love to bake!

So slwly slowly it expanded by your requests.

The dishes are compatible to the sizes of the baking standards.

for cakes, pastrys, loafs,pies, bread, vegetables, meat & slow cooking meathods.

And the fact they are not only visualy beautiful "oven to table" they are very practicle for the fact that the ceramic material carries heat perfectly there for an amazing baking expirience is garanteed!

To make these oven pans I slip cast a very durable white stoneware finished with a silk smoothe glaze that allows them to be easly  washed and to fit any table arangment.

Therefor they make the absolut perfect gift for the amature or profetional baker.

Oh.. and just so you know you can serve almost evrything in them..not only bake

just please no thermic shock, let them set at a room temperture before popping in the oven.

micro safe

dishwasher safe

high temperture 1220^

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