About Us

I am Adi Nissani, a ceramicist and designer, my studio is based in Jaffa Tel-Aviv, Israel specializing in artisanal tableware and lifestyle elements.

Each piece is designed, manufactured and finished in a homemade glaze, allowing me to stay loyal to the material and have a result of a durable long lived product. Im inspired by nature's simplicity and ancient cultures while practicing minimalism.. So in my work you will find elements that are organic yet classic shaped.

I also have a big love for food and entertaining as I worked in the culinary industry previously. And hold a Master's in Arts & Design

Over the years I've developed a series of collections, finely made dishes  with a strong emphasis on ergonomic and functionality.

It was very important to me that all of the Collections displayed  will suit one another so mixing around is highly recommended. I truly believe that the basic objects we own should be made with love, unique and special for us.  if you are debating I'm always happy to help 


My collections manifests with the use of three minerals: Strong earthy collard Stoneware packed with basalt grains giving a textured and rustic look. I call it "speckled curry ".The second being fine French Porcelain, lending a smooth and transparent surface. And finally tinted pink/sage/black stoneware.

The material itself is ever-changing due to the various pigments integrated, giving the uniqueness to the process and the outcome. Each piece is altered by hand, keeping the design similar and giving each piece its bountiful character to the table. All pieces are fired at 1,230 degrees Celsius making the clay strong and non-absorbing. All products are food and dishwasher safe, lead-free, yet the gold finished items are hand wash only.

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