ONE OF Limited Time Deals

In the previous years, around this time, I always bring up the tradition of "Adi hates counting" and clear out all the items in the studio towards the end of the year.

This year is a “bit” different, so I decided to revamp the tradition and offer you a different experience. We've been through and are still going through a not-so-easy period, in a nutshell, but thanks to you, we managed to spread a bit of light through Israeli art and craftsmanship.

Every evening, starting tomorrow, until the end of the year, unique items that haven't appeared on our website or in our studio will be put up for sale; one-of-a-kind pieces and whole dining sets. Each item is a world of its own, full of uniqueness, providing you with a piece of light and Israeli creation in your home.


No return or exchange on products in this collection 

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