My name is Adi Nissani. I am a ceramic designer and my studio specializes in artisan tableware. In the last couple of years I have developed a collection of handmade dishes that are custom made for chefs of restaurants as well as boutique hotels both in durability and design. I combine both modern and old-school techniques.

The prototype is shaped by hand and so are the mold (press mold for the flat dishes and slip casting molds for tall designs). as well as each piece that is released from the mold is altered by hand keeps the design similar giving each piece its unique character.

The studio is located in Jaffa where I design and manufacture my work. Keeping the production in-house allows me to stay loyal to the material and the final product.as well as to develop private collections for chefs and private customers.

In my work I am inspired by nature and asthetics. I merge classic and organic designs into my dishes while putting an emphasis on fine cuisine.

I use imported Dutch clay packed with basalt grains for texture and rust, or fine French porcelain for smooth and transparent surface.

Both materials fired to 1230 degrees C The glazes are mixed and prepared in- house thus allowing me to achieve a wide range of color and texture result I desire.